Core Features


We support bi-direction, always up-to-date changes with your data system. No coding required.


Sync salesforce Custom Objects and fields (including long text and attachments) with powerful interface to change schema structure within CloudSync


We can connect to all major databases and warehouse systems (AWS RDS, postgres, mysql, oracle and mssql). We can also host for you if you don't have.

Console UI

Beautiful interface to resolve data inconsistency, watching logs, replay data changes and many more.

Application Enablement

  • Integrate customer-facing or internal application with central database.
  • Integrate your customer and in-house product data easily.

Fault Tolerant

  • Extensive failover/restart at point of failure
  • Captures and logs rejected records
  • Optmized usage of Force API (streaming and replication API)

All your data integrated in minutes.

Free trial for 2 months. No credit card required.

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How it Works

Connect saelsforce to your database in minutes.

Setup is easy

Connect your salesforce organization to CloudSync, choose objects to sync and point your database to connect to. Hit “Start syncing” and you’re good to go! .

Configure as you like

If you need more control, you can change columns, sync frequency, set filters to only sync subset of objects. You can also pause or stop the sync at any time.

That's it

Just relax and let our software do what it does best: seamless two-way syncing. Let us worry about your data. There is no need to intervene, though you can always check the dashboard to see how many objects CloudSync added or updated for you.